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Breast Screen Aotearoa

New Zealand’s free national breast screening programme checks women for signs of early breast cancer. Regular mammograms are available for women aged between 45 and 69 to reduce their risk of dying of breast cancer.

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Oxford Sports Trust

Maximising the return to the Community of revenue generated by gaming machines by making grants available to amateur sport teams & clubs that are formally established and/or legally constituted.

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ANZ futureFERNS is Netball New Zealand’s official junior Netball programme which started being phased in across the country in 2014, the first phase focussing on the new Year 1 & 2 and Year 3 & 4 programmes.

For children who are aged five years and over, ANZ futureFERNS is a game that grows with the players. Years 1 & 2 play 4 v 4 over one third of a Netball court; Years 3 & 4 play 5 v 5 over two-thirds of a Netball court.

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Pub Charity

With Pub Charity 95% of donation funds raised are returned to the community from where they came. And this is right across the community; sport, environment, music, community, health, cultural, education, youth, emergency services and heritage groups.

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