Whangarei Netball Centre Rules


The WNC Constitution is essentially the fundamental “principles” by which the organisation operates, and which also includes the organisations aims and powers. The requirement to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) is included in the Constitution. These principles may only be changed through a General meeting.

WNC_Constitution_2_February_2016.pdf 386 KB

Competition Regulations

The WNC Competition Regulations are the procedural “rules” that WNC operates competitions under in terms of its operations and these are under regular review and can be altered by WNC to meet the changing operational needs of the organisation.

2018_WNC_Regulations.pdf 767 KB

WNC Schedule of Fees and Penalties

Fees and Penalties as referenced in the WNC Regulations

2018_WNC_Schedule_of_Fees_and_Penalties.pdf 574 KB

Zero Tolerance Policy

WNC has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy as it is against the spirit of our game to deal with indifferent and unacceptable behaviour which potentially can bring our game into disrepute.  Please read attached document.

WNC_Zero_Tolerance_Policy_2016.pdf 1 MB

Annual Report

2017 Annual Report presented at the 2018 Annual General Meeting

WNC_Annual_Report__Financials.pdf 7 MB