Pathways to Umpiring

There are established pathways for umpires from Centre level all the way through to the elite international umpires.  

But starting out in umpiring begins with attending classes. In these classes you study the rules and discuss their practical application. You also learn about the correct body stance and getting the best vision for umpiring the game. Classes can be a compact full day session or a series of four or five 1½ hour sessions usually weekly in the evenings. There is a written exam at the end of the course and passing this will start you on your way to becoming a Netball Umpire.

A Umpire Refresher Workshop has been scheduled as below:

  • ​Thursday 26 July, 6.30pm - 8.30pm
  • Gold Coin Entry and rule books avilable for $8

Click HERE to register.

Beginning Umpires

(Theory classes at the Centre)

Umpire Games

(At Intermediate level with coaching)

Progress to Senior games with coaching

Junior Centre Badge

(A practical exam by two Centre examiners)

Centre Badge

(A practical exam. Senior A1 grade or better examined by two Centre examiners)

Regional Theory Exam

(One hour written exam from NNZ)

Regional Badge

(Examined by Netball North Regional panel examiners)

NZ Theory Exam

(1 ½ hour written exam from NNZ)

NZ Badge with graded levels